Monday, 26 May 2008


Need I say more ?

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Cerpts said...

Oh dear, two more greats! One I've always had the highest opinion of and one whom I've only learned to appreciate fairly recently.

The great Peter Cushing elevated every single movie he was in and never once phoned in a performance. However, The Duke also can be said to have elevated the movies HE was in as well. Even the already great ones. I was one of those who believed Wayne wasn't an actor. I frankly wasn't looking. I think his personality was so BIG that it was easy to miss the acting going on behind the persona. Before work this morning, as I was flipping through the channels, I came across THE SEARCHERS. Can anybody really watch that movie and not come away thinking "You know something, that guy actually CAN act!" As for dear Peter, whose personality was about as far away from The Duke's as it's possible to be, he could be equally convincing as a sociopathic, obsessed and coldly amoral Baron Frankenstein, an heroic, shining knight of a Van Helsing or a pathos-dripping, tenderly effecting lonely old man in Amicus' TALES FROM THE CRYPT. Both men are endlessly watchable!